Awe-inspiring, Bay of Fundy will reward you with magnificent tides and breathtaking coastline. From sophisticated urban flair to charming country villages along the seaside, explore the culture and history of this province.

Bay of Fundy & The Hopewell Rocks – the tides here are the highest tides in the world, with 100-billion tonnes of seawater gushing in and out of the bay twice a day. Best witnessed at The Hopewell Rocks, at low tide you can walk the ocean floor and look up at the cliffs and rocks. At high tide, enormous rock formations that once towered over you are now barely peeking out above the surface.

Acadian Culture – from the Acadian Peninsula to the Acadia of the Southeast, a drive along the scenic routes of New Brunswick’s Acadian coast will immerse you in vibrant communities and a rich cultural scene. Museums, historic sites and living-history villages bring the Acadians’ remarkable 400-year-history to life.

Moncton – a bilingual city, Moncton is home to the only French-language university in New Brunswick. It’s the only Atlantic city where you can take day trips to the Fundy and Acadian coasts and still be back in time for a fine dining experience.

Fredericton – the provincial capital, Fredericton, is best known for the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Historic Garrison District and activities along the St.John River, which flows through the city.

The Annapolis Valley – is Canada’s up-and-coming wine destination, with 11 established wineries in the region; three more producing in other areas of the province. Perfect boutique wineries and unique varietals such as Marechal Foch and L’Acadie Blancs make tours and tastings a must-do in this region.

Saint John – the only city on the beautiful Bay of Fundy. Is where the urban charms of a vibrant, historic city nestle up against the grand, natural allure of this world-famous bay.

Kings Landing Historical Settlement – entering Kings Landing is like stepping back in time as this 19th century village comes to life for an experience like no other. Walk amongst villages as they live a life nearly left only to legend and immerse yourself in their daily ways. Stories, culinary treats, animals and trades of days gone by.

Source: Anderson Vacations