Galapagos Islands

Inspiring and famed for their wildlife, the islands of this volcanic archipelago are like nowhere else on earth. Rising majestically out of the deep blue Pacific Ocean, there’s a place where you’ll find an awe-inspiring equilibrium between humanity and nature. This magical volcanic archipelago off the coast of Ecuador sits right on the equator, and […]


Seabourn’s Antarctica & Patagonia

No other destination has generated as much awed admiration from guests as Antarctica. Nowhere¬†else on earth is like it, and no one else delivers it in the style and comfort you will enjoy with Seabourn. A hand picked expedition team brings experience, knowledge and passion to insightful lectures, on-deck viewing and excursions ashore. Combine Antarctica […]


Classic Tanzania

Stand in awe of the vast panoramas of Tanzania, a land of untouched landscapes, diverse wildlife and welcoming people. Get acquainted with the people and the food at Gibbs Farm, a historic coffee and vegetable farm. Continue on to Ngorongoro Crater, a large volcanic caldera and one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. Spend […]