Seabourn’s Americas

From the cliffs of Newfoundland to Cape Horn, the Atlantic coast of the Americas offers variety as rewarding as any on earth. Seabourn explores it, sailing from the beaches of Brazil to jungle-lined waterways deep in the Amazon and on to the Caribbean. See the stunning visual feast of the American Northeast in Autumn or […]


North America The Beautiful

Pledge allegiance to adventure Vancouver Stretched out along the shores of the Strait of Georgia, Vancouver radiates Pacific cool. The mountain-meets-sea scenery is magical to behold, and the surrounding forests are impossibly lush and ready to explore. Throughout a variety of easily walkable neighbourhoods – you’ll find all manner of hip cafes and cozy little […]


Experience Canada

Nothing feels, looks or smells quite as clean as the air in Western Canada. The itineraries we have to this part of the world offer the best of Western Canadian air and everything that takes place in it. With its incredible mountains, stunning beaches, gorgeous cities, and clean lakes, it almost seems unfair that so […]


True, north, strong, free

CANADA – Nature, Urban Delights & Glaciers Aplenty Got Nature? There’s some pretty serious nature to be found here, not to mention run, walked, and frolicked through. National Park, ride on a Zodiac boat to snap pics of fantastic marine wildlife, and wonder at the sheer beauty of the colour of Lake Louise, Nature’s great. […]


Tour Alaska and the Yukon

Breathtaking coastlines, rolling tundra and white capped mountains. Yukon – with a powerful frontier image it’s an exciting destination that offers wilderness, wildlife and stunning scenery with easy access to extraordinary backcountry Kluane National Park, Yukon – an icon and home to some of North America’s tallest peaks; as a mecca for soft adventure seekers […]


Tour British Columbia

Blessed with breathtaking landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, there are mountains to climb, beaches to comb, forests to hike, parks to stroll and nightlife and shopping to explore. Vancouver – a vibrant metropolitan city, Vancouver is nestled between majestic mountains, sparkling oceans, rainforests and beautiful foliage. All four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful […]


Tour Newfoundland & Labrador

Explore this untouched land, view magnificent 10,000 year old icebergs, and view 30 tonne whales leaping out of the water. From stunning coastlines, to quaint fishing villages and deep history, you will be in awe. St.Johns – the oldest and most easterly city in North America, this is where heritage lives. Melded with culture, history, […]


Tour Prince Edward Island

The birthplace of The Confederation, experience rich history, combined with green pastoral landscape, water views, miles of sandy beaches and locally produced foods. Charlottetown – known as the birthplace of Canada, this seaside city has an elegant and historical charm. Walkable and safe, you will never be far from historic sites, and golf courses in […]


Tour New Brunswick

Awe-inspiring, Bay of Fundy will reward you with magnificent tides and breathtaking coastline. From sophisticated urban flair to charming country villages along the seaside, explore the culture and history of this province. Bay of Fundy & The Hopewell Rocks – the tides here are the highest tides in the world, with 100-billion tonnes of seawater […]


Tour Nova Scotia

In a land brimming with energy, sea-coast traditions and old-world charm, the hospitality of Nova Scotia’s people is legendary.Explore historic sites, stunning coastline, listen to lively music and savour fresh lobster and scallops. Halifax – Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax combines the international essence of a major port city and naval base, with the youthful vibe […]