Sweden, Norway and Denmark

This incredible journey immerses you in a region of unparalleled beauty – Scandinavia.

Explore Norway’s breathtaking fjords. Meander through the streets of Bryggen, an ancient Bergen trading port and UNESCO World Heritage site, founded in the 12th century. In Denmark’s bohemian capital city of Copenhagen, enjoy a leisurely cruise through historic canals. Discover why Copenhagen is dubbed the gastronomical capital of Scandinavia and experience the “New Nordic Cruise Movement” at a local restaurant inspired by its founder. Embrace the tranquillity of the Swedish countryside at a family-run manor house before travelling to the cosmopolitan capital of Stockholm. This adventure unites travellers with Scandinavia’s natural wonders, history and culture.

Stroll the ancient streets of Bergen.
Relive days gone by at Bergen’s old Hanseatic wharf.
Savor Swedish cuisine at the 17th-century Fem Sma Hus.
Stand in awe of sheer cliffs and magnificent waterfalls.
Get to know the locals at a family-run manor house.
Relish the culture in the quaint village of Flam.

Source: Collette, Your personal guide to 2016.