The world we comprehend today has never been so vast; teeming with fascinating places to explore and experience. In most of us, a primal yearning remains to see for ourselves the far side of the world. Today, you can join like-minded explorers and sail to the farthest points of the compass in an elegance and ease undreamed of in the past. Seabourn’s ships are luxurious and advanced, yet conceived and built to serve the ancient, undimmed appetite in all of us for adventure.

Holy Land, Arabia & India
A web of caravan trails and sea-routes between the empires of an antiquity served a trade in gold, pearls, spices and silks. Scattered along its path were centers of learning as famous, in their heydays, as any that ever existed.  Medieval Arabian scholars, instructed by their faith, gathered and refined the texts of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Astronomy, mathematics and medicine flourished in cultural oases as fertile as those that watered desert sands. Not only dhows and caravans, but also pilgrims have followed these routes for centuries, embellishing a legacy that is as rich in legends and exceptional stories as it is in beauty.

Rare wonders reached the courts of Europe: gems of brilliant colours, translucent porcelains and silks as light as spider webs. Fabulous tales attracted to them, of gilded temples and palaces opulent beyond belief; of mythic beasts, painted elephants, tigers, rumors of dragons. Over centuries, as once-impenetrable gates opened, the world was revealed to have another half, as wide and rich and filled with wonders as could have been imagined. Sail with Seabourn among the spice-scented islands of the java and South China Seas. Marvel at ancient temples in Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, and shinning glass towers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Contemplate the tranquil gardens of Bali and Kobe, and the invigorating bustle of Taipei and Seoul.

Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific
Seabourn’s voyages in the Antipodean realm explore the continent of Australia from Darwin in its rugged Northern Territories, along the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, the subtropical playgrounds of the Gold Coast and lovely riverside Brisbane to Sydney and Melbourne. The North and South Islands of New Zealand offer unforgettable sights including the majestic Fiordlands, roaring geysers, unspoiled scenery in Queen Charlotte Sound, stately Auckland and Wellington, and charming ports such as Akaroa and Dunedin. Choose a voyage visiting the romantic islands of the South Pacific aboard Seabourn Odyssey, or join Seabourn as they sail from the Indonesian archipelago to celebrate the maiden season of the stunning new Seabourn Encore in 2017.

Source: Seabourn: the cruise collection 2016 & 2017