Europe’s coastline is the most elaborate of any continent. No other region has such a high ratio of shoreline to interior. Enriched with cultures, histories and languages, it provides an intriguingly diverse environment to explore. Cities, towns and villages dot its shores, each revealing the fascinating marks of contact, conquest and renaissance. From the sun-blessed south to the glaciers of its polar shores, Europe is a book of a million pages, with stories and adventures enough to fill a lifetime.

Artists trekked down from the crowded cities of the north, drawn to the vivid glare of sunlight. The sea welcomed them to harbors glittering in the hues they had never imagined: amethyst, emerald and sparks of crimson scintillated in the waves. Shadows pulsed with luscious tones of purple against sun-blasted stones. Boats painted in pagan patterns bobbled beside rustic wharves. Life was seductively simple. Days stretched out like empty canvasses while a regal sun rode across the illuminated sky. Travelers today are treated to the same intoxicating visual intensity along the Cote d’Azur and in the candy-coloured villages of the Costa Amalfiana. The flower stalls along Barcelona’s ramblas still overflow with extravagent floods of color. Come capture images that will glow in your memory and warm you forever from within.

Adriatic & Greek Isles
Dappled is a word you may never have used, even if you have a sense of what it means. But the moment you see a scatter of glowing, soft-edged spots of light dancing on a shady, whitewashed wall in Greece, you will recognize it, and never forget it. When you book a journey, you likely expect to learn things – dates from history, a bit about art and architecture, and a few cultural insights. However, it may not occur to you that it might expand your vocabulary in the lovely, wordless language of light. Sailing among the classical sites in the Eastern Mediterranean, you will acquire fascinating facts. The tangled genealogies of greek gods and goddesses may become a trifle clearer to you. But in the breeze, or the surprising tang of pine-sap in a sip of chilled retsina may be the sensory souvenirs you will recall most vividly, long after you return.

Northern Europe
Summer stretches out the days in Europe’s north. From every rosy dawn, daylight extends in languorous solar celebration, long into a lingering twilight that, in certain latitudes, never quite fades to darkness. Vegetation burgeons extravagantly, and heavy blossoms scent the gracious gardens where bright-haired children run and play. Markets fill wtih baskets of gem-like berries, sleek silver salmon and heaps of plump, pearl-pink shrimp fresh from the clear, chill seas. In Helsinki, artisans display glowing woods polished to a silken gloss through winter months, and gossamer woolens dyed in vivid wildflower hues. The pastel tints of St.Petersburg’s rococo palaces shift throughout the day, their gilded domes reflecting sunbeams dancing off the Neva. Slow shadow’s slip across the dramatic granite walls of Norway’s fjords; a sundial scaled for the ancient Norse gods.

Atlantic Crossings
There is no gift more precious than time; it is literally priceless. Setting aside a measured span of days, either for yourself or to be shared, is a gesture of exceptional generosity. An ocean crossing aboard a Seabourn ship is an especially luxurious portion of precious time, gift-wrapped in gracious hospitality and personalized for your particular pleasure. Traveling in a consummate elegance and ease, you have complete command of your every moment. Daytime options abound, from active pastimes to fascinating lectures, games or the indulgence of a world-class spa. And you always have the preogative to seek a spot in sun or shade on deck, and read, enjoy music or chat with shipmates. Nights sparkle with gourmet dining, a variety of entertainment or an action packed casino. No wonder many savvy travelers give themselves this special gift year after year.

Source: Seabourn: the cruise collection 2016 & 2017