From the cliffs of Newfoundland to Cape Horn, the Atlantic coast of the Americas offers variety as rewarding as any on earth. Seabourn explores it, sailing from the beaches of Brazil to jungle-lined waterways deep in the Amazon and on to the Caribbean. See the stunning visual feast of the American Northeast in Autumn or the Panama Canal, linking the natural beauty and history of Central America and Mexico with the lovely, laid-back islands and hidden ports of Seabourn’s Uncommon Caribbean.

Panama Canal & South America
Seabourn Quest traces the Atlantic coast of South America seasonally between Buenos Aires and the Caribbean, calling in at the sublime, scenic harbour of Rio de Janeiro and the colourful colonial towns of Brazil’s northeast, and venturing a thousand miles up the mighty Amazon to explore its jungle-shrouded banks, as well as venerable trading posts such as Santarem and Manaus. Seabourn Odyssey sails another classic route, transiting the Panama Canal between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Along the way, the remnants of early Mesoamerican cultures blend with the Spanish colonial charms of towns such as Antigua, Guatemala and Cartagena, Colombia. The canal itself is an unforgettable experience – your Seabourn Odyssey rises and falls with majestic grace as gravity-fed water fills and empties huge locks.

Seabourn’s intimate, nimble ships make the most of their time among the sun-blessed islands of the Caribbean. Leaving the beaten path, they seek out the sheltered harbours and unspoiled towns where visitors are still welcomed with the low-key friendliness and traditional hospitality that originally attracted international yachtsmen. Seabourn’s itineraries are designed to give the captain options to anchor in a secluded cove and deploy the ship’s unique fold-out Marina for an afternoon of watersports, or have the staff prepare a festive Caviar in the Surf beach barbecue. Warm-water cruises are also perfect for after-dinner deck events such as Movies Under the Stars or a Rock the Boat dance party. So, step ashore into Seabourn’s Uncommon Caribbean.

Canada & New England
In Autumn, the hardwood forests display of color is world-renowned. This is when we choose to bring our Seabourn Quest to visit the colonial capital’s and scenic ports of Canada’s maritime provinces and New England. These voyages possess a wide variety of appeal to satisfy virtually any interest. The towns along Quebec’s St.Lawrence River might nearly be mistaken for villages along the Loire, and the shingle beaches of Gaspe and windswept bluffs of Prince Edward Island recall Brittany. Trim Halifax still fires the noon gun from its hilltop British citadel. Bar Harbor’s pine-clad granite slopes and lobster shacks still attract seasonal yachtsmen, as they did during the heyday when the Giants of industry built palatial summer “camps” to celebrate their holidays in rustic grandeur.

Source: Seabourn: the cruise collection 2016 & 2017