Inspirational sights, famous landmarks and authentic Champagne are just a few of the amazing things you will indulge in along the Seine River.

The curvy nature of the Seine River can be disorienting when you’re in Paris. Not to worry, just remember to face downstream so you can tell the Left bank from the Right. Our Paris & Normandy cruise itinerary is about as romantic as it gets, beginning with views of the art-inspiring “City of Light” that morph into lush countryside and historic Normandy beaches. With countless vineyards close by, France’s second largest waterway allows us to sample some of the country’s most renowned wines and ciders.

The wine variety that instantly characterizes northern France comes from the Champagne region, about 90 miles east of Paris. Stemming from chalky soils and cool temperatures, these sparkling varieties produce a sweet effervescence and unparalleled quality that merit exclusive classification as the one-and-only wine known as “Champagne.”

Another speciality drink is found closer to the English Channel. Normandy’s fruit-filled orchards are picked and pressed into a rich cider brandy called Calvados. Made from over 170 apple and pear varieties, this rustic spirit is distilled twice and barrel-aged for at least two years before bottling. The result is a palate-pleasing liqueur bursting with complex apple elements and hints of cinnamon spice.

Source: AMA Waterways