Take an exciting exploration through the enchanting castles, vineyards and wineries of the Rhine Valley.

Castles from ancient empires and steep vineyards sprout up from every angle, which makes cruising on the Rhine River feel like entering a scene out of a storybook. Actually, there are more charming castles along this river than any other in the world. AmaWaterways’ “The Enchanting Rhine” itinerary winds through the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, diving deep into the history and wine regions of this vital waterway.

Prepare to be amazed by the white grapevines that coat the vertical surfaces of the Rhine Gorge in Germany, also known as the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Famous for maintaining a quality focus, and grape-growing traditions dating back to Roman times, this area yields some of the country’s best wines. The quality of their distinctly elegant Rieslings and fine, subtle reds are a result of the region’s unique, slate-based soils and semi-continental climate.

The Alsace region in eastern France features exceptional wines as well. Here, sloping vineyards appreciate the balanced environmental conditions provided by the Vosges Mountains – sheltering the vines from excess sun exposure and heat. While pure, aromatic white varieties are the most popular Alsatian wines, select grapes used for rosés and reds also arise from these soils.
Source: AMA Waterways