The Rhine and Main Rivers are where you’ll discover some of the steepest vineyards and most celebrated Riesling wines in all of Europe.

Historic Villages, medieval mansions, and towering hillsides wrapped in vineyards are just a few of the amazing things that overlook the river’s edge from Nuremburg to Luxemburg. AmaWaterways’ ‘Europe’s Rivers & Castles’ itinerary takes you through the Mosel, Rhine and Main Rivers to discover some of Europe’s most fascinating scenery while dabbling in the remarkable wines grown in Germany.

For over one thousand years, a wide variety of tantalizing wines have been surfacing from the special soils of the Franconia region, alongside the Main River in Eastern Germany. These grapevines benefit from a continental climate with a Mediterranean influence, which is ideal for growing grapes. Both dry, fruity white wines and rare, decadent reds are made with superb quality here.

Even more delightful wines are found in the famed Upper Middle Rhine Valley, also known as the Rhine Gorge. Slate soils combined with a semi-continental climate have proven to be a recipe for winegrowing success for the vineyards of this region. The results are high-quality, delightful white wine varieties, and some very fine reds, that are sure to impress any palate.

Some of the world’s steepest vineyard slopes, and best Riesling wines, are located in the Mosel River Valley region. Slopes like these offer the vines optimal exposure to sunlight and protection from harsh weather conditions. Blue Devonian slate, red slate and quartzite soils give these wines a distinct mineral element. There is nothing quite like sipping on a fragrantly sweet Mosel Riesling – which is why many connoisseurs consider these wines to be amongst the finest white wines ever created.

Source: AMA Waterways