Discover the breathtaking beauty and riches found along the Garonne, Seine and Rhone in France, as well as the Douro in Portugal

The Seine and Rhone
The Seine rises in northeastern France near Dijon, flows through Paris, and continues westward through Normandy to the English Channel. The Rhone flows from its source in the Swiss Alps and travels south to the Mediterranean, linking thousands of vineyards and wineries in southeastern France.

The Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde Estuary
In the corner of southwestern France, the Garonne and Dordogne rivers merge together to form the Gironde estuary, which naturally divides the Bordeaux region into Left and Right banks. Travellers from around the world flock to this region that is well known for its many gastronomic delights.

The Douro
This major river of the Iberian Peninsula flows from its source in Spain to its outlet in Northern Portugal. It is here that river cruisers will discover the Douro River Valley – the birthplace of port wine and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: AMAWATERWAYS – Europe, Asia, Africa 2016