Experience Asia

Chaos and peace, all at once Experience Asia Asia is crowded. Asia is vast. Asia bustles. Asia soothes. Asia is chaos. Asia is calm. Asia is everything you could ask for from a destination and a million things you never knew you wanted. Come along and feel the hum of Delhi, the enormity of Nepal, […]


Experience The Old World

Europe is a veritable candyland of sensory delights for travellers eager to do lots of everything. Our trips in this part of the world are suitably diverse, serving up all the must-do activities for the list-checkers and a host of uncommon, deep-access experiences you’d never even think up, let alone accomplish, on your own. Bottom […]


Experience North Africa & Middle East

Ancient culture, meet modern wonder Oil and geopolitics dominate the discussion from this part of the world, but savvy travellers know that you won’t get the full story on this region from any newspaper. Come with us and go behind the headlines to meet the people who have made this mystical and diverse region what […]


Experience Africa

Africa is that rarest of places that can make even the saltiest, savviest, most well-travelled traveller feel as though they’ve never left the block. Our adventures in Africa are as varied and comprehensive as can be, providing explorers the chance to spot the Big Five, delve into the region’s amazing – and still vibrant – […]


True, north, strong, free

CANADA – Nature, Urban Delights & Glaciers Aplenty Got Nature? There’s some pretty serious nature to be found here, not to mention run, walked, and frolicked through. National Park, ride on a Zodiac boat to snap pics of fantastic marine wildlife, and wonder at the sheer beauty of the colour of Lake Louise, Nature’s great. […]


Antarctic Polar Adventuring

Experience the Antarctic Getting out into the thick of things is such a vital component of polar adventuring that we’ve made it a priority. The ‘Expedition’ is equipped with a full-service Zodiac platform for easy disembarking, a mudroom to keep your stuff warm and dry when you’re not using it, and a library stocked wtih […]


Discover American Samoa

Discover American Samoa Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean is the Territory of American Samoa, an undiscovered Polynesian paradise. Discover the natural beauty and traditional Samoan culture in American Samoa. There is so much on offer, including challenging hiking trails, snorkelling and diving the brilliant colored reefs, game fishing and much more. American […]


Discover Vanuatu

Discover Vanuatu The best vacation memories are made in Vanuatu. Scuba dive around reefs and wrecks. Head out on a jungle river tour, go bush walking, sailing, or sport fishing or just sit back and soak up the relaxed lifestyle in Port Vila. On Tanna visit Mount Yasur volcano at dusk to capture the glow […]


Tour Alaska and the Yukon

Breathtaking coastlines, rolling tundra and white capped mountains. Yukon – with a powerful frontier image it’s an exciting destination that offers wilderness, wildlife and stunning scenery with easy access to extraordinary backcountry Kluane National Park, Yukon – an icon and home to some of North America’s tallest peaks; as a mecca for soft adventure seekers […]


Tour British Columbia

Blessed with breathtaking landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, there are mountains to climb, beaches to comb, forests to hike, parks to stroll and nightlife and shopping to explore. Vancouver – a vibrant metropolitan city, Vancouver is nestled between majestic mountains, sparkling oceans, rainforests and beautiful foliage. All four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful […]