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Stretched out along the shores of the Strait of Georgia, Vancouver radiates Pacific cool. The mountain-meets-sea scenery is magical to behold, and the surrounding forests are impossibly lush and ready to explore. Throughout a variety of easily walkable neighbourhoods – you’ll find all manner of hip cafes and cozy little restos to help you fuel up for your adventures in the Great Outdoors.

San Francisco 
San Francisco’s laidback, come-what-may appeal has made it one of America’s most fascinating and beloved cities. Startlingly beautiful just to look at, this is a place that beckons to be explored.

Chicago might be as American as a city can be. Blending cosmopolitan cool with an attitude-free approach to life, this city loves its sports, its food, its nightlife and its visitors. Visit once and understand forever why the Midwest is indeed the best.

Source: G Adventures