Europe is a veritable candyland of sensory delights for travellers eager to do lots of everything. Our trips in this part of the world are suitably diverse, serving up all the must-do activities for the list-checkers and a host of uncommon, deep-access experiences you’d never even think up, let alone accomplish, on your own. Bottom line: Prepare to be awestruck (and don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Limoncello in Sorrento
Long a favourite of artists and writers, Sorrento’s cobblestone streets were tailor-made for wandering. All that walking builds up a powerful thirst, and the best thing to slake it with is a cool,zesty limoncello. Better yet, come learn how this refreshing local liqueur is made by swinging by a local producer for a lesson in its production, followed, of course, by a tasting.

Observe wonders of nature
Experience the Earth in motion in the land of fire and ice by setting foot on lava fields, soaking in natural hot springs and visiting lagoons. Walk on glaciers? Sure! Spot whales? Of course! There’s no place on this planet – or any other planet, we’d wager – quite like Iceland.

Charming Cappadocia 
You can learn more about a place by dining with someone who lives there for a few hours than you ever could from a museum. In the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, you’ll be welcomed into the home of a local family and sit down to a delicious meal prepared from ingredients plucked from their farm. The highlight: Sharing stories over a cup of hot Turkish tea while lunch is made.

Source: G Adventures