What lives where and what to look for

Experience the Galapagos Islands
An ecological paradise bursting with wildlife you simply won’t find anywhere else on Earth, the Galapagos Islands are a natural treasure for the whole world to enjoy. Spread across 18 principal islands, three smaller ones and dozens of tiny islets live the creatures that inspired a young Charles Darwin to pen his theory of natural selection, which promptly turned the scientific community on its head. Needless to say, there’s a lot of fascinating stuff going on here. have a look at what lives where to ensure your cruise is everything you want it to be.

The West Islands
Isabela & Fernandina
The largest and youngest of the Galapagos Islands, the less-visited western islands contain some of the archipelago’s largest colonies of birds and marine iguanas and boundless snorkelling opportunities. If you’re looking for wildlife, come here first.

The South Islands
Floreana & Espanola
The southern Galapagos Islands are home to top-notch snorkelling and quirky tradition. Volcanic bays and unusual land formations provide shelter for a dazzling array of birds and fish, and the charming simplicity of Post Office Bay always raises a grin or two.

The Central Islands
Santiago, Santa Cruz & surrounding islands
The Galapagos’ central islands are perhaps the best spot from which to witness the full scope of the archipelago’s incredible natural diversity on the land and (with a snorkel) under the sea. While close together, each of these small islands has developed in isolation from its neighbours, spawning an amazing collection of plants and animals.

Source: G Adventures