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Experience the Caribbean & Central America
Geographically diverse and astonishingly dense with things to see and do, this part of the world is perfect for travellers eager to cram a lot of life-changing stuff into a short period of time. Life unfolds at a leisurely pace in the Caribbean’s mellow little towns (at least until the sun goes down and the band picks up), while the lush jungles of Mexico and Guatemala hide the remnants of Mayan pyramids and forgotten Incan cities for those determined enough to find them. Check out a few of our other favourite things to do down here.

In search of a fresh cup of joe
Costa Rica
Ever wondered how your cup of coffee got to the pot in the first place? It’s a pretty great story. Planeterra and the community of San Miguel de Sarapiqui are working to develop a coffee cooperative and connect it with G Adventures travellers, allowing the community to access markets they wouldn’t otherwise. Once you’ve been, you’ll never look at your morning cup the same way.

Escape the resorts
Cuba may be known for its beautiful beaches and sprawling resorts, but that’s not the Cuba that interests us. Climb over the resort wall and meet this fascinating country up close and in person. Sway to intoxicating salsa rhythms alongside some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and if you’re not in the mood to dance (yet), loosen up with a Cuba Libre or the best damned mojito you’ve ever tasted.

iHurra por los festivales!
Mexico & Guatemala
The best way to understand a culture is to party alongside it. In Mexico, dive into the world-renowned Day of the Dead celebrations with candlelight vigils, parades and creepy dancing skeletons. Need something a little lighter? In Guatemala, Semana Santa celebrates Easter and rebirth with parades, bands, costumes and more flowers than you could possibly imagine. Either way, you’ll return home changed.
Source: G Adventures