Where the extraordinary is the norm

Mount Bromo volcano
There are some places on this amazing little planet of ours that just can’t be understood until you’ve seen them with your own eyes. Mount Bromo is one of those places. Adrift in its framed “Sea of Sand,” this imposing volcano is a truly awe-inspiring sight to behold in person (and even then, you still might not believe it).

Khantoke feasts
Get a true taste of Thailand by sampling its cuisine in the company of a local family. (In case you were wondering, a khantoke is a circular tray loaded with a variety of small dishes of noodles, rice and meat.) You won’t find a Thai culinary experience more genuine than this one.

Phnom Penh by cyclo
The cycle rickshaw is the very best way to get a feel for a city from street level. Phnom Penh’s cyclo network looks after its drivers, who are often among Cambodia’s poorest citizens, so you’re helping them out by just going along for the ride.

Source: G Adventures