South Asia is everything you could ask for from a destination and a million things you never knew you wanted.

Pokhara Dreaming – Nepal
Most travellers see this city as the terminus of the Annapurna trekking circuit, which probably explains why it’s so beloved by those who’ve been. Wedged neatly amid the Himalayas and bordering a gorgeous lake, Pokhara looks as nice as it feels, and offers a host of adventurous pursuits like parasailing, kayaking, and further mountain treks.

Unhurried Udaipur – India
Soak up the laidback essence of Rajasthan, an Indian province dotted with lakes and palaces. Built around three lakes, the city of Udaipur ranks as one of the mellowest and most drop-dead gorgeous spots in a region famed for its beauty and calm.

Goa your own way – India
When your parents were your age, Goa was a destination for dropouts and hedonists. Some things change, but others stay the same. Modern Goa features the tranquil beaches, busy bazaars and laidback vibe of the old days with the potential for loads more late-night thrills than ever. Progress!

Source: G Adventures