Ancient culture, meet modern wonder

Oil and geopolitics dominate the discussion from this part of the world, but savvy travellers know that you won’t get the full story on this region from any newspaper. Come with us and go behind the headlines to meet the people who have made this mystical and diverse region what it has become for centuries. True understanding comes only through personal experience. Make a connection to a land that few truly know.

Home Cookin’ at Ahmed’s
When you’re exploring a place as rich in history as Egypt, it’s easy to get caught up in the past. Our buddy Ahmed and his family will bring you back to the present as they host your group for a home-cooked lunch in their home. Literally the entire family – grandparents all the way down to the littlest kids – helps out, adding a friendly vibe you won’t get at a restaurant.

Floating in the Dead Sea
Travelling can be hard work. A restorative mud bath along the Jordanian shore of the Dead Sea is just the ticket to soothe those tired muscles. Once you’re reinvigorated, hop into the super-salty water to rinse and take the obligatory ‘Dead Sea Float’ photo everyone back home will demand to see.

Get lost in the medina
You simply can’t say you’ve explored Fes until you’ve investigated the swirling maelstrom of commerce that is its massive labyrinthine medina. You’ll find just about anything you could ever want – and loads of stuff you never knew you wanted – here, so be sure to bring some spending money. And stick close to your CEO – it’s startingly easy to get lost.

Source: G Adventures