Where “rugged” and “refined” find common ground

A city encircled – China
Though they may look like pretty simple on the outside, once you get past the (admittedly unusual) exterior of the Fujian tulou, you’ll quickly realize that there’s nothing usual about these roundhouses. The enclosed circular structures can be up to five stories high and house up to 80 families – try staying the night in one for a real Hakka cultural experience.

Shanghai sing-along  – China
Think karaoke is a big deal in the West? It’s even bigger here. Shanghai is so jam-packed with karaoke bars – or KTV’s as they’re known here – that you can find a few on every block in some parts of town. Your CEO has loads of suggestions and, if you’re lucky, might even take requests, too.

Xi’an’s wall-to-wall awesomeness – China
The Great Wall of China gets a lot of press (and rightfully so), but it’s not the only brick-and-mortar wonder in this neck of the woods. Originally part of a massive Ming palace. the walls that once repelled invaders from the city of Xi’an are now one its biggest attractions. Irony never looked this beautiful.

Source:G Adventures