Chaos and peace, all at once

Experience Asia
Asia is crowded. Asia is vast. Asia bustles. Asia soothes. Asia is chaos. Asia is calm. Asia is everything you could ask for from a destination and a million things you never knew you wanted. Come along and feel the hum of Delhi, the enormity of Nepal, Vietnam’s laidback colonial villages and Bhutan’s bottomless serenity. You’ll never be the same.

New Delhi Streetkids walk
Planterra’s New Delhi Streetkids Project supports over 5,000 street children, and many of these adolescents have been fully trained as tour guides. Join them as they lead you on exciting tours through the enchanting inner city streets of Delhi.

Khantoke feasts
Get a true taste of Thailand by sampling its cuisine in the company of a local family. (In case you were wondering, a khantoke is a circular tray loaded with a variety of small dishes of noodles, rice and meat.) You won’t find a Thai culinary experience more genuine than this one.

Hike to the Tiger’s Nest
Clinging 3,000m up to the side of Paro Valley’s steep walls since 1692, Bhutan’s Taktsang Monastery seems to defy both physics and logic. But once you’ve witnessed the otherworldly view from here for yourself, you’ll discover that it all makes perfect sense.

Source: G Adventures