Africa is that rarest of places that can make even the saltiest, savviest, most well-travelled traveller feel as though they’ve never left the block. Our adventures in Africa are as varied and comprehensive as can be, providing explorers the chance to spot the Big Five, delve into the region’s amazing – and still vibrant – human history, and simply stare in gobsmacked awe at the stunning beauty of one of our planet’s most treasured places. Africa beckons. Don’t make it wait.

Ovakango by houseboat
Why settle for visiting the largest inland delta in the entire world when you could live on it for a couple of days? Step aboard a houseboat and get a deeper sense of what life is like in this amazing and wildlife-rich part of the world, venturing down narrow waterways inaccessible to larger boats in search of exotic birds, into the Tsoldilo Hills, or investigating the ancient rock paintings left behind by the descendants of today’s San Bushmen.

Unexplored Africa
Rwanda has emerged from years of strife and warfare a new nation eager to reach out to the world. Learn firsthand about the fascinating and heartbreaking history of this beautiful land before venturing into the enveloping jungles in search of the shy mountain gorilla in its natural habitat. Exploring Rwanda delivers both bragging rights and an intense humility, all at the same time.

Give a little back in Shalati
South Africa
The Hope Africa Children’s Day School in Shalati, South Africa, provides the community’s children with a safe, welcoming environment in which to begin their education earlier and to become involved in organized activities, while freeing up their parents to work and better provide for them. To date, Hope Africa has been equipped with a 5,000-litre water tank, composting toilets, and a kitchen to supply the kids with healthy meals. How can you help? Hang out!

Source: G Adventures