The Yangtze and its famed Three Gorges
Flowing across the breadth of China, the mighty Yangtze River originates from the glaciers on the Tibetan plateau and empties into the East China Sea at Shanghai, nearly 5,633 kilometres away. The people of China have lived on its banks and sailed its waters for millennia, and the Yangtze’s cultural, economic, and historical influence—like the beauty of its famed Three Gorges—is immeasurable.

Highlights of your Yangtze River Cruise:

Three Gorges: The highlight of your cruise is a narrow passage through the spectacular Three Gorges. The river setting is enchanting, with rushing waters and nearly vertical limestone cliffs, perpetually enveloped in mist and clouds.

Qutang Gorge: The spectacular Qutang Gorge is the shortest, but perhaps the most dramatic and majestic of the Three Gorges. Its sheer, steep cliffs reveal stunning vistas and interesting oddities.

Wu Gorge: This gorge is noted for its plunging valley and the tranquil beauty of its luxuriant, forested mountains. The stunning Twelve Peaks flanking the gorge are universally renowned for their picturesque charm and fanciful shapes.

Xiling Gorge: The Yangtze’s longest gorge winds 64 kilometers through rich canyons dotted with fruit orchards, picturesque villages, and historic relics.

Shennv Stream: Running along the Wu Gorge, the Shennv Stream is a still-pristine tributary of the Yangtze River. Among its most notable sights are its magnificent peaks – some seem to stretch up to the heavens, while others are so wondrously shaped, they’re said to have been created by Shennv, the goddess of the stream, herself.

Source: Uniworld, Boutique River Cruises and Tours – 2015 Asia, Canadian Edition